Our 100% soy wax candles melt at skin-safe temperatures, so they are just as safe to use as they are fun. Ever wanted to explore your creative side? Here is your opportunity to use your partner like a canvas.

Of course, it isn't just about the artistic experience. Molten wax has been used for an age by those seeking sensation - whether for themselves or for another. A traditional, intimate play option, wax cools as it falls through the air, and a skilled practitioner can create a range of sensations, from pain through to comfort.

While pure soy wax candles melt at a temperature appropriate for skin contact, their use still involves open flame. Use common sense - we would wager house fires are a hard limit for everyone.

Please be aware that colours other than white are likely to come with some 'frosting' - small white lines or patches on the candle. Usually, soy wax candles use additives to prevent this, but they can have an effect on the melting temperature so we chose to keep ours completely pure.

Candle measurements: 

Length (base to the point before it narrows): 12.5cm - 14cm

Diameter: 2.3cm

Weight: 45-50g